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to my portfolio site, where I showcase my creativity and design talent. My name is George Roboz and I’m a multi-disciplinary design graduate from the University of Brighton.


Design is my passion. I LOVE to create 2D/ 3D animations, Motion graphics, Illustrations, Websites, DP designs or any combination of the above.




of the following gears of limitless creation which includes: the whole Adobe range from Photoshop to Soundbooth, Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro, Corel Painter, Blender 3D and Gimp.


On the programming front I'm proficient in Jquery and Processing. Currently I’m diligently teaching myself Unity. I am also an enthusiastic and well equipped photographer.




As I am rarely seen during daylight hours away from my natural habitat, which is the surrounding area of my home studio; it is strongly recommended to the enthusiastic naturalists who wish to observe my visionary activities to follow me.


I can be found on Twitter, Blogger and LinkedIn. Alternatively you can gently approach me with a piece of beef jerky and throw me an email.

Reel Image click

This short reel is a compilation of my work over the past few years. These works are either the results of a university or live client brief, or the outcome of my leisure activities. A few of these had an experimental nature to them and as a result they were not part of the bigger picture, however I consider them worthy of showing. There are others that were of full value but deemed to be too short to have their own section in my portfolio.

Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Flash Dreamweaver
Premier SoundBooth Corel Painter 12 Blender 3D Unity
Aquapax click

The Aquapax project was to promote a newly introduced, QR code on the product's packaging. The advert was developed to target mobile devices so the audience could scan the QR code on the spot and watch the video. It was one of my first more complex 3D videos, that helped me to understand and work out new methods to navigate and control the virtual camera and work out more advanced lighting techniques.

Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Premier SoundBooth
Blender 3D
Doris click

Doris originally was a simple 3D e-learning project but as I developed the concept my attachment gradually grew. The story is about a little girl, called Doris, who is separated from her family by an interplanetary accident. I devoted two modules to this project. In the first one I worked out the story, characters, various environments on the mysterious moon, and in the second module I worked on the possibilities of an Ipad aimed realisation of the project and the menu's look and feel.

Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Flash Premier
SoundBooth Corel Painter 12 Blender 3D Unity
BA Final Click

The goal of this project was to create a portfolio site that takes the visitor away from a normal html based site to a fully interactive 3d interface. This new interface is divided into chapters, each corresponds to the nature of the subject in that section. For example the music section is a lighter toned part over the clouds unlike the videos submenu that takes after a thriller themed dvd-menu.

Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Premier SoundBooth
Corel Painter 12 Blender 3D Unity

This was the complete re-branding of the Time Out Restaurant. The process consisted of the new logo design, menu design, web design and promotional photography for the website and various social networking sites. This friendly restaurant has two main profiles. During daytime they mainly serve all-day-breakfasts and traditional lunches for tourists and locals. After 6pm the atmosphere becomes more intimate and cosy to appeal to couples longing for a candlelit dinner. These variations had to be taken into account during the design process.

Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Indesign Dreamweaver
Corel Painter 12
Photonium click

Light and Shadows was an e-learning application for KS2 kids created with Flash and coded with Actionscript 3.0. Very similar to the applications on children's BBC bytesize. All 3D in-game videos were done with After Effects. The main character and the surrounding world was drawn and painted with pencils and watercolour.

Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Flash Blender 3D
Blender 3D

These posters are all exploring the same theme: 1950's design. Two of them have been styled to replicate B-movie posters and the third one takes after a magazine advertisement. During development I paid close attention to seemingly insignificant details such as the colour separation as a result of the limitations of contemporary screen printing techniques or the translucent content from the opposite side of the page.

Photoshop Illustrator Corel Painter 12 Placeholder Placeholder
The Loop click

The loop is a 6 minutes long flash animation from 2009. I'm very proud of this short movie although nowadays I would do almost everything differently. This project required the close coordination of multiple software for the transitions. The aspect that makes me very proud in hindsight is that I had the patience and ambition to pay meticulous attention to the complex details such as the light-refraction in the glasses or the reflection in the clock pendulum.

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