• George is one of the most talented 3d designers i have ever worked with, he is professional, creative, proactive and can understand the most complex of briefs given verbally, and most importantly a joy to work with.
    Martin Speight
    Creative Director, Purple Falcon
  • Thank you, in particular, to George Roboz, for producing such a spectacular show.
    Eastbourne College
  • Regardless of whether he was acting as the concept designer or project manager, George was always an approachable, proactive, flexible and hardworking member of the team.

    It's a pleasure to work with him.

    Lorand Toth
    Meridonial, CEO
  • From the very beginning, even at interview stage, he was knowledgeable and was keen to get under the skin of Ashford to make sure he told the story accurately, and that Ashford residents would see themselves and their history within it. His dedication paid off, leaving long lasting memories for the thousands of people who attended.
    Chris Dixon
    Arts and Cultural Industries Manager, Ashford Borough Council

About Me

I'm currently leading creative production at the multi-award winning LM Productions Ltd, in Eastbourne. I oversee all digital content creation including all in-house AV materials; interactive exhibition pieces, AR and VR applications, reference materials (both photo and video), printed promotional materials, pitch documents, social media assets and the main and the subsidiary companies' online presence.

I am also deeply involved in the technical side of the audiovisual planning, i.e. projection calculations, video wall content requirements, computer setups, building of render farms and other technical aspects. What allows me to fulfil such a mixed role originates in the fact that I acquired HE qualifications in both creative and technical fields and obtained valuable experience in both areas.

During the past years, I gained invaluable first-hand experience creating content for a myriad of platforms such as signage screens, video walls, all sorts of projection, various holographic technologies, AR and VR devices and laser.

I'm open for new challenges if you have an opening, an upcoming project, or if you would like to grab a coffee, feel free to contact me.

About me

Design is my passion. I LOVE to create 2D/ 3D Animations, Motion Graphics, Illustrations, Web Sites, DP designs or any combination of the above.

Phone: +44 78954 09718